About the owner

Brit lost in America. Gooner for life. Scot at heart. Photographer. Nonprofit worker. Music man. KOOP Radio Programmer/DJ: John Turner

Email me at:  fromtheothersideofthemirror@gmail.com



11 Responses to “About the owner”

  1. You get better looking every year…just like your dad! Love the hat. Whats a gooner?

  2. well thanks. bought the hat here a couple of yrs ago, stops my heads getting burnt. A gooner is an Arsenal fan!

  3. thanks for the music ideas, ya big gooner. don’t be a stranger!

  4. Chris. Hey stranger, hope you and family are well, pls send me your best email address, not sure all my messages have been getting through.
    Cheers! ps. pls take some of our incessant heat…

  5. Really liked your filmed ad about United Way etc.
    The Koop item was very good. You’re a natural! Another very very tenuous Canadian connection is that when we as a family moved from London to Scotland (that far!) the area we moved to was called Little Canada because all the streets, avenues and roads were named after Canadian cities. We lived in Edmonton, remember?

  6. Ah ha! I do remember, that’s a great one. Will try and get in there for this Friday. glad you liked the video and KOOP feature.

    Thanks Mum for all your support!
    Jt xo

  7. Never posted a message before and feel as though I’m interrupting a personal conversation between you and your Mum! (Hi Beryl). Can’t be you in the photo, you look so young and yet I know you are nearly as old as me!!

    Come on the Gunners!!!

  8. Up the Arsenal!

  9. Gooner for life! Thanks for stopping by

  10. It’s nice to know there are other folks besides me who care about this stuff! Most of my friends think I’m nuts. So thanks and Merry Christmas!

  11. You are not alone Chris, many thanks for stopping by. Hope you can tune in every Monday at 9am CT

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