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Austin American Statesman – Summer 2013 The Face of Hunger (by-lined for Hank Perret)

Edible Austin – Spring 2013 Feeding Hungry Children

Edible Austin – Winter 2012, Tis’ The Season To Help The Hungry

Austin American Statesman – December 2012, Attention Starved Farm Bill Spells Hunger (by-lined for Kathy Green)

The Guardian – September 2012, Poverty and Hunger in America

The Guardian – July 2012, Farm Bill cuts will mean millions of Americans will go hungry

Edible Austin – Summer 2012, Summer Food For Kids

Edible Austin – Winter 2011, “Growing Capital Area Food Bank

Austin American Statesman – December 2011, “People Are Hungry Out There” (by-lined for Kathy Green)

The Guardian – September 2011, If Rick Perry is an economic miracle worker, why are so many Texans going hungry?

Austin American Statesman – July 2010, “Keeping a Promise in East Austin” (by-lined for Juan Sanchez)

Austin American Statesman – January 2009, MLK Day 2009 (by-lined for Armando Rayo)

Austin Post – August 2009, “Words English People Should Never Say”

Austin Post – September 2009, “New Austin Vinyl Haul Feeds The Soul”


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