Vinyl recently digitized

Here’s a tune I captured from an old album I found.

I’m almost positive you haven’t heard before. I should use this as my theme song.

Any ideas who it is? Here’s a hint…….he’s a brit too.


~ by john on December 30, 2008.

8 Responses to “Vinyl recently digitized”

  1. Noel Coward? – Pretty sure wrote it, but not sure if he is singing it.

  2. I’ll second that guess.


    Musings of the Newly Hatched @

  3. Confident that’s Noel C.

  4. It was definitely Noel Coward singing! No doubts!

  5. Noel Coward seems to be the #1 choice, any other ideas?

    Will post the answer later today…..

  6. Noel Coward, “I Like America.” 🙂

  7. perfect! didn’t know you were so up on your 50’s obscure albums!!

  8. beats me but i sure like this guessing game!

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