Anyone else seen the Tim Robbins movie Noise?

I think it grossed about $50 before going to DVD. I did see it though, and enjoyed most of it. 

Having lived for awhile in NYC, I can attest to the incessant cacophony of the city. It is, most definitely, a roar most of the time there, but you kinda get used to it.

Now, I feel myself more and more in sync with Tim’s character in Noise. We are assaulted by noise just about wherever we go in life. I feel like becoming a noise vigilante.

My peace-of-mind was shattered by the ongoing droning of leaf blowers…..endlessly all day.

Whatever happened to raking up the leaves? As far as I know, no-one near me here in Austin has a yard the size that warrants a blower going for hours straight.

Come on people. Aside from the noise, think of all that wasted gas or electricity. Use those dormant, overfed muscles for a change. Or get the kids to do it. That’ll get em’ away from the TV, playstation or whatever device is flavor of the month, that you complain about. 

We all might get a bit more peace of mind too.   Please…..


~ by john on January 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Noise”

  1. I keep almost renting that movie. I never thought I’d be bothered by noise, I’ve lived in plenty of large cities where noise is a constant, but the one thing that really boils my piss nowadays are the people down the street who own a rooster. 4am, like clockwork this thing starts squawking or crowing or whatever you call the noise they make. Which starts off the dogs in the neighborhood. Who keeps a rooster (or chicken maybe?) in Pflugerviile? Get a goat.

  2. goats are much quieter, and they’re proven to keep the weeds and grass down.

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