A Spectacle Spectator

Anyone else been watching the new Elvis Costello music show Spectacle on Sundance Channel?

If you haven’t, check it out as fast you can. It’s a delight for anyone remotely interested in music, the craft of songwriting, and the real back story of some of its protagonists.

It stays away from shameless self-promotion, from, the “I’m only here doing the rounds as I’ve got a new release coming out” and it isn’t obvious. No dumb-ass questions. No telegraphed discussions we’ve all heard before.

That means its real. It’s deep, thoughtful, provocative, filled with the unlikely suspects. Starting with Elton John (a producer), to Lou Reed with Julian Schnabel (below), James Taylor (the only dud show so far coz he’s a really boring speaker), Bill Clinton, Tony Bennett and from someone who cut his teeth in the punk/new wave scene in Britain of 77-78, this weeks with The Police, was a delight.

Elvis, Lou Reed & Julian Schnabel

Not at all grotesque, mutual back slapping pandering, but entertaining insights in 3 seperate interviews, before the obligatory band jam with Elvis and his trusty side-men, Steve Nieve and Pete Thomas on drums.

I couldn’t stop grinning as copeland and thomas murdered out the beats on a mix of costello and police mash-ups, culminating on The Cream classic, Sunshine of your love.

There is not much worth watching on TV these days, but do yourself a favor and check out Spectacle. Sundance Channel, usually Wednesdays at 8pm.


~ by john on January 10, 2009.

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