Big Hair Smackdown?

Perry versus Blagojevich….who has the most luxuriant hair?


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~ by john on January 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “Big Hair Smackdown?”

  1. I still say Blagojevich has an uncanny resemblance to Roman Polanski. Blagojevich recently applied to work in my convenience store but I had to turn him down…thanks for the post. Drop by my store sometime if you want to see a real head of hair. (I am the most hirsute of all the Venkatararams)

  2. I go with Perry’s helmet hair. You can’t tell the front from the back in Blag’s hair. Weird.

  3. If this were the Absolutely Perfect Hair Smackdown, Perry should win. But there’s too much wasted space above his eyebrows for him to be a serious contender in the Big Hair Smackdown! My vote goes for the man without morals or a forehead.

  4. lux⋅u⋅ri⋅ant
       /lʌgˈʒʊəriənt, lʌkˈʃʊər-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [luhg-zhoor-ee-uhnt, luhk-shoor-] Show IPA Pronunciation
    1. abundant or lush in growth, as vegetation.

    Perry is the man; while Blagojevich may have more on top, Perry’s neater style clinches my vote. Luxury Tax that Man.

  5. Blagojevich looks like he has a wig on. So, if you’re talking about real hair, my vote is for Perry.

  6. Perry’s helmet head is pretty good but steel wool head Rod? Worthy of a Trump award!

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