Ok, I admit I’ve failed. I have tried to like popcorn, but am I the only person in the continental USA who doesn’t like popcorn?


My problem is I don’t just not like it, I despise it. I loath the smell of it. We never ate it at home, in fact, it was not even available at the local movie theaters in West Calder and Edinburgh. We had ice-cream or smoked (imagine, just like in aeroplanes, am firm non-smoker of 10+ yrs btw). A girl would come out at the beginning and intermission (quaint eh?) and we’d queue up in the aisle to buy ice-creams, kitkats or 20 Embassy Regal, but never popcorn.

I went to see Milk on Sunday, and that magnificent film’s impact was reduced a tad for me, as I was surrounded by nearly a hundred popcorn munchers. I had to squirm uncomfortably, nose under t-shirt collar to suppress the stench.  It appeared to me that almost everyone in the theater, except me, was chowing down in their respective popcorn buckets. Or popcorn troughs. Oblivious to the sensitivities of the non-popcorn lover.

Well, that’ll teach me. Sorry. Just cannot stand the stuff….so there. I know this is a controversial subject to y’all, but hey, I calls it as I sees it.


~ by john on February 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Popcorn”

  1. …oblivious to the sensitivities of non-popcorn lovers in a movie theater?! Honestly, is nothing sacred anymore? :-/

  2. Everybody has their favorites, I think 🙂

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