Mystery Voice – Who is this?

Following on from last months recently digitized vinyl extravaganza competition, (answer was noel coward) who can tell me who is talking about, wait for it…….skin diving and hunting with a spear gun. There’s a clue. And it’s not Jacques Cousteau btw.

Post your answers and I shall reveal all in a couple of days…enjoy!


~ by john on February 14, 2009.

18 Responses to “Mystery Voice – Who is this?”

  1. LLoyd Bridges – probably for the show Sea Hunt.

  2. Why, it’s Mr. Sea Hunt himself…Lloyd Bridges!

  3. could be, any other ideas?

  4. one vote for Bogie!

  5. A vote for don lafontaine, the voiceover legend….aka “the voice”

  6. It could be Lloyd Bridges…BUT….what about Robert Vaughan?

  7. Your tags are:digitized, music, mystery, skin diving, vinyl, so does this have something to do with music? (let’s have a clue please) There’s a group called Submarine who did an album called Skin Diving. Does this have anything to do with them?

  8. Charlton Heston. That’s my guess.

  9. Ronald Reagan (because of the Southern California comment)

  10. Good guess James, close, but not quite close enough

  11. Are you being ironic? Is it David Hasselhof?

  12. good try, but not the Hof. Much earlier than him.

  13. my guess is old Lloyd also Are we right big brother?

  14. My first guess is LLoyd; my second is Davis Janssen of the seeking the one-armed man fame.

  15. Lloyd it was!

  16. Lloyd Bridges it was

  17. Lloyd Bridges was the voice

  18. Lloyd Bridges

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