New PJ Harvey & John Parish

The ever imaginative PJ Harvey has teamed up with John Parish again for another new album, A Woman A Man Walked By, available to us general punters at the end of March. The 10-song collection was produced by Harvey, Parish, and Flood.

PJ Harvey and John Parish

I was able to obtain a copy of the one of the new songs from the record, Black Hearted Love. I hope it’s available on vinyl, as this track has that wonderful, relentless, almost lazy guitar fuzz that seems so effortless and obvious….after you’ve heard it.

Enjoy, and go buy/download the collection asap. Support those artists who make this world a better, more interesting place.


~ by john on March 7, 2009.

6 Responses to “New PJ Harvey & John Parish”

  1. Very interesting. I’m going to take music recommendations from you!

  2. thanks Pamela, here’s the latest post containing some suggestions.

  3. hi jt, just found your blog…. šŸ™‚

  4. also, i love PJ Harvey, but read a review of this album last night and it said it was just ok. i plan on checking it out in any case! i’m also interested in hearing the new Buddy Miller, have you heard?

  5. hey, thx for reading!

  6. Not familiar with Buddy Miller but he sounds interesting and steve earlish…

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