No Country for Old Men?

Before you ask, no I am not thinking of going on a rampage in Texas armed with a cattle gun and dodgy haircut.


After my harrowing “how can you not have heard of Leonard Cohen, therefore I must be getting old episode,” been thinking more about the subject of getting older. Our society increasingly celebrates and rewards youth and beauty over experience and wisdom.

Odd thing is I don’t feel older, don’t have an aged frame of mind, but the getting older part seems to manifest itself indirectly.

For instance, developing my inner curmudgeon.

I have far less tolerance for crowds, lines, and loud, rude people. That makes me feel old. I don’t get out to as many shows these days, disappointed and annoyed with a large part of the crowd who are there to be seen. Or are too busy gossiping to their friends, taking each other photos with their device of choice, than actually listen to the band. For that matter showing a horrible lack of respect for the band, the artistes that feed and nourish our souls, and the rest of the audience there to hear them.

Is it all about the iGeneration and their iLives? Is this what it has come down to? Take my pix at Antones with Joey Burns singing in the background and fuck the rest of you trying to listen?

I don’t feel the same nagging sense of missing out on something that I’m not a part of. I like to stay home more, cook, laugh, listen and love with Kim. Stay in our sanctuary if you will. It’s strange, but I suspect these are symptoms of getting older.

Staying in the city does not make a person younger. Going to clubs and shows and parties does not make a person younger. Those things give us the illusion of time standing still, which it doesn’t. I think when we give in to our ages, where we are in step with time, rewards follow in different ways. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


~ by john on March 14, 2009.

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