Iggy Pop on the Tom Snyder Show 1980

I posted a couple of videos earlier this month about Iggy Pop selling car insurance in the UK. I questioned his motives, as the man, has for many including me, been a true rock n roll rebel, a leader who embodied a spirit that has unquestionably been all but squashed in recent years.

I came across this horrifying Iggy interview from 1980 with Tom Snyder. We did not get the Tom Snyder Show over in Scotland, only 3 channels back then. Taxi and Mash were about it and a lot of BBC original programming.

This is post Stooges, post Bowie/Berlin collaborations and unfortunately after watching it, I was struck by;

1. how lucky he is to still be alive

2. Snyder was slick, smooth but really pretty creepy, although wasn’t having Iggy Pop on your show in 1980 risky?

3. even selling car insurance in 2009 is a step-up from the obvious depths to which Iggy had plumbed

What do you think?


~ by john on April 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Iggy Pop on the Tom Snyder Show 1980”

  1. What was Iggy on besides alcohol and ego? I liked the Dionysian vs. Appolonian – I thought that was quite sharp.

    And Tom Snyder was always a bit slick, but he was a good interviewer.

  2. Not sure what it was, but probably heroin. Quite possibly the strangest, and saddest, interviews I’ve ever watched. Felt like a complete voyeur, but not having seen Snyder before and being an Iggy fan, made for compelling watching. For me anyway.

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