The Tenuous Canadian Connection – Part 1

Who doesn’t love local, independent,community radio?

I’m happy to say that living here in Austin, we are lucky to have a radio station that certainly fits that bill,  KOOP radio. Found on the airwaves locally at 91.7, or online at

Right now, I am extremely fortunate to be an apprentice programmer for KOOP, and am assigned to the show “This Great White North” hosted by the Canuck with pluck, Doug.

Dedicated to showcasing independent Canadian music, Doug has been a joy for me to help, and learn from. The show broadcasts every Friday from 4.30-6pm (CST), I hope you’ll tune in and support Doug, the station, Ann the other apprentice, and hey, little old me.

I came up with a little feature we’re trying out each week, The Tenuous Canadian Connection.  So just in case you’re wondering, here’s the first Canadian Connection and the tune we played in its honour!


~ by john on July 17, 2009.

7 Responses to “The Tenuous Canadian Connection – Part 1”

  1. Hey John,
    Caught the first segment of the Canadian Connection. Sounded great. Looking forward to more tenuous connections to all things Canadian. Glad you and Doug will be making my drive home on Friday afternoon more enjoyable. RENE.

  2. Rene, many thanks for your kind words, plenty more tenuous canadian connections to come! Best, Jt

  3. Cool John. Just catching it now. You sound so British!

  4. This is great – so fun. And you sound good. I’ll try to catch the show.

  5. Thx for listening in Mando, I hope I still sound British!

  6. Thanks Pamela, it’s a fun little feature, glad you liked it.

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