Vicente Fernández – Volver Volver

Hands up who had heard of Vicente Fernández?

Thought so. Well he is the Elvis Presley of Mexico’s traditional ranchera music. Vicente Fernandez is the King of this genre, El Rey, and is still very much alive and touring.


I was turned onto him by my good pal and Taco Blogger extraordinaire, Armando Rayo. He brought some great vinyl over, including Vicente, and I liked it all so much, I ended up digitizing it all for myself and Mando.

But here’s a taste of Vicente in action. I love this video. Not just for the music, but the irony and surreal nature of the set up in the bar. The 2 mustachioed ranchero’s exuding gruff machismo, but sadly singing a tender song about lost love while sitting at a bar table, drinking tequila seemingly unperturbed by the presence of a ….visiting horse. Yep, its all in there. Marvelous stuff, at so many levels. Well worth 3 minutes of your time. …IF the video is blocked or down, you can find it here.

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~ by john on July 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “Vicente Fernández – Volver Volver”

  1. I’m a big fan of Vicente Fernandez! It’s just not the same when an all-female mariachi performs it. Needs that sultry male longing…

  2. Hey Layla, thanks for checking in, I’m glad you like Vincente, I’m a huge fan, Mando turned me onto him. I think we need to have a Vincente Fernandez party…hmmmm

  3. If you ever hear about him playing in the area, take me with you. What else along these lines has Mando recommended?

  4. Javier Solis was the main stand out, he’s more of a crooner, but def somewhat in the same vein.

  5. the kids in the know just call him, “chente”

  6. my bad, must try harder with my Ranchera references… 🙂 the sideburns put me off

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