New Austin Vinyl Haul Feeds the Soul

Don’t you feel sometimes there are some really odd things that make our spirits soar, exhilarate us, or even better, compel us to say stuff like “I think I’ve just died and gone to heaven?”

When I found out about this story earlier this week, courtesy of Goldmine magazine, I definitely reached for all 3 of those superlatives.

A virtual treasure trove of vinyl, some 25,000 LP’s and thousands more 45’s, were unearthed from an Austin collectors home, Bob Nash, and will be available to buy at the next Austin record fair. Suffice it to say, the local news media ignored or probably were not even aware of this news, but for the geeks, shellacs and muso’s who move in this music town, the wires were abuzz with unbridled joy.

nashBob Nash when asked why he had accumulated so many records and other “stuff”, said it was something to enjoy in his old age, but at 86 he’d run out of time, and apparently his family now needed the room.

The collection is a fascinating window into several different genres of popular music through the decades, and includes Paul Revere, MC5, Chet Baker, rare psychedelic, soul, garage, Fred Wesley and the JB’s, Lightening Hopkins, Anita O’Day, Thelonius Monk and so on.

I hope Bob is ok parting with his collection, and the memories they hold. But aside from it ending up in The Smithsonian or similar museum, I for one will cherish any purchases I make. I am sure other vinyl junkies will do their part to ensure his legacy lives, and is played on.

Oh, and for purely selfish reasons, you’ll have to find out when the next record fair is on your own…..


~ by john on August 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “New Austin Vinyl Haul Feeds the Soul”

  1. Did you go? Will you blog about your finds?

  2. Record Fair is not until Oct 9-11, although I’m nervous about how big a hole it’ll blow in my finances…waaaay too much temptation. Will def blog about it, maybe take some video up there…hmmm….there’s an idea. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’m there twice a year, and this fall will be no exception. This should be the buzz of the fall show! I’ve never paid to go to the preview day, but this time it might be worth it. We could synchonize our watches and meet up.

  4. Rene, Def, I think it’ll be the buzz all right! Let’s synch up for sure. Thanks for stopping by!

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