Rare Sun 45 rpm vinyl bought for $10,000

Think that old vinyl 45’s aren’t worth much?  Think again.

Recently, a collector John Tefteller won an eBay auction that featured a previously unknown 45 rpm record on the Sun record label for $10,323.00

The record, “Lonesome Old Jail” and “Greyhound Blues”, features country blues artist, D.A.Hunt.  Apparently it was Hunt’s first and only record and sold few copies.


The now legendary Sun record label, based in Memphis, Tennessee, is most famous for breaking Elvis Presley, but also recorded a lot of blues artists especially in their early years.

While some of you “young un’s” may not understand why anyone would pay over $10,000 for an old vinyl 45, in the eyes of the music aficionado, such items are like gold. A tangible piece of history, to be treasured and cherished. Kind of like owning a Warhol painting, or the Mona Lisa, instead of just the postcard. 
As long as you can afford it of course.


~ by john on August 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Rare Sun 45 rpm vinyl bought for $10,000”

  1. If you want the tune itself, it is available on Amazon for .89 cents. D. A. Hunt or his estate doesn’t get the .89 or the 10K, and that’s what the blues is all about.

  2. that’s such a blues ending there Bob!

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