Why KOOP Radio Deserves Your Support

So I am lucky enough to have a radio show on KOOP Radio. I program the show, you are listening to my musical library..mostly.

There is no BBC money. KOOP is funded by grants, local businesses and you, the listener, the supporter.

KOOP Radio’s biannual membership drive is currently in full swing. The goal this autumn is to raise $60,000 which will help keep community voices, and my show on the airwaves in Austin.

The Internet…Satellite Radio…HD Radio…MP3 players. A few short years ago the future was filled with the promise that once these technologies arrived, radio stations like KOOP would become dinosaurs.

But these technologies did not make KOOP obsolete. If anything, the new technologies help to demonstrate the importance of KOOP to you and other listeners. Here’s how:

  • Us KOOP DJs spend our evenings and weekends elbow-deep in dusty vinyl and local music stores to find unique songs and artists so that you’ll always have great music to listen to.
  • While the mainstream news media sticks to a narrow range of issues and celebrity gossip, KOOP’s news and public affairs go off the beaten path, with in-depth coverage of important topics that receive little or no attention elsewhere.
  • KOOP hosts work from personal playlists consisting of thousands of songs, not just the four hundred or so pushed on most commercial radio stations by program directors.
  • In a world of conglomerate stations that play the same material over and over, KOOP maintains its independence!

Listener support constitutes over half of KOOP’s annual budget and is essential to keeping community radio alive in Austin.

So, join us in celebrating Austin’s independent voice and help us keep KOOP a quality radio service that is commercial-free. Just dial 512-472-5667 or pledge online. It’s easy, and if you value independent, interesting and diverse radio, hopefully like my show, please show your support and give us a little of your hard-earned cash.

It really will help us keep the lights on and pay the bills.

Thank you!

KOOP Radio provides high quality, innovative and diverse programming with an emphasis on those communities that are under-served or ignored by mainstream media. KOOP is Austin’s community-owned, community-operated public radio station and has been broadcasting at 91.7FM since 1994.


~ by john on September 11, 2010.

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