#49 Radio Show – October 11, 2010, Solomon Burke

Here’s this weeks show which was a tribute to the late, great soul singer – Solomon Burke.

solomon burke, from the other side of the mirror, koop radio

The show is called “From the Other Side of the Mirror” and is broadcast every Monday between 9-10am. You can find KOOP radio at 91.7 Fm in the Austin area, or stream it online at http://www.koop.org If you miss the show, please email me and I will be happy to send you a recording.

1. Cry To Me

2. Don’t Give Up On Me

3. I’m Hanging Up My Heart For You

4. Someone Is Watching

5. Stepchild

6. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

7. If You Need Me

8. The Bus

9. Valley Of Tears

10. Down In The Valley

11. None Of Us Are Free

12. Take Me Just As I Am

13. I Wish I Knew

14. Soul Meeting

Link to all archived shows


~ by john on October 11, 2010.

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