#161 Radio Show, February 4, 2013 – Gene Harris

This weeks show featured a pianist whose ten fingers could coax every ounce of soul, blues, gospel and funk out of those ivory keys, the truly righteous Gene Harris.

 "gene harris" "the three sounds" " from the other side of the mirror"

 The show is called “From the Other Side of the Mirror” and is broadcast every Monday at 9 am. You can find KOOP radio at 91.7 Fm in the Austin area, or stream it online at www.koop.org
  1. Higga Boom
  2. Popsicle Pimp
  3. Put On A Train
  4. As
  5. Book Of Slim
  6. Black Sugar
  7. Sitting Duck
  8. The Look Of Love
  9. Losalamitos
  10. Slim’s Return – DJ Madlib
  11. Repeat After Me

Link to all archived shows


~ by john on February 4, 2013.

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