Buddy Guy live in 1969 with Jack Bruce, Buddy Miles and others

Buddy Guy is one of the great blues guitarists, a man who influenced a generation, and even today, can still hold his own with most young blues turks.

I stumbled over this high quality gem of him playing with Cream’s bassist Jack Bruce, frequent Hendrix collaborator, the drummer Buddy Miles and a horn section. A blistering “Mary Had A Little Lamb” followed by a grinding blues work out “My Time After Awhile”. ….enjoy


~ by john on May 22, 2013.

4 Responses to “Buddy Guy live in 1969 with Jack Bruce, Buddy Miles and others”

  1. buddy is such a great artist and I love his tone! He seems full of wisdom to me 😉

  2. thx for stopping by, Buddy is so under-rated, glad you liked the clip

  3. Buddy is great. What I really love in this clip is the other Buddy, slaying it on both the drums and facial expressions.

  4. they’re all appear to be actually enjoying the jam…the chemistry was working that day!

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