RIP David

Oh David Jones, what a life you led, and how you inspired us to be heroes. You will never be forgotten, forever our hero and our muse.

I worked on the Serious Moonlight tour in 1983, the NEC and 3 outdoor Milton Keynes Bowl shows, as part of the local crew that built the stage, set and his backstage compound. The shows were absolutely riveting and exhilarating, and I met and spoke with him a few times and the thing I remember the most, when confronted by 1 of your idols and you get utterly tongue-tied in a millisecond, is he asked me how they (the promoters, Harvey Goldsmith) were treating us. How was the food, everything ok? It sort of made me more speechless that not only was he quite happy to talk, that he genuinely seemed to care. Thankfully I recovered my power of speech and asked about his son Joe, in school in Switzerland at the time, and then onto other mundane matters. We were soon like 2 old friends nattering away on a hot summers day in July.

He radiated such energy, I have such fond memories of a colossal artist, who changed my, and many working class kids attitudes, hopes and dreams. He opened the door, lit the path. David Bowie, you gracious shining star, you diamond geezer you.

Here’s an old treat, a 2 hour set he dj’d on the BBC, with that velvety voice I remember telling us about the tracks he chose, the weather, his shoes and so much more……enjoy.


~ by john on January 12, 2016.

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