Crystal Clear Louis Armstrong Recording Surfaces

•April 23, 2016 • Leave a Comment

An astonishingly clear recording of Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra performing “Ain’t Misbehavin’” has surfaced. According to the video’s description, the track comes from a metal “mother record” that New York City’s Okeh Records sent to Germany’s Odeon Records for their pressings.

Considering the poor quality of most early jazz records, these tracks are a rare treat for any fan of the pioneering New Orleans trumpet master.

RIP Prince Rogers Nelson

•April 21, 2016 • 1 Comment

Sadly very little of Prince’s music is freely available online, but there is at least one glorious exception: this 1982 concert from Prince’s Controversy tour at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey. The show was pre-1999 and Purple Rain, so it’s relatively intimate compared with later arena shows, but that doesn’t mean Prince holds back.

Here is a partial list of the wonders contained herein:

  • A gospel opening to herald the coming of His Purpleness
  • A pole dance (also from His Purpleness)
  • Prince simulating sex with his guitar for four full minutes (starting around 24:40)
  • Prince dancing and doing splits in heels (see around 35:00 for just one example)
  • A Prince striptease (starting around 43:10)
  • Hits including “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” “Uptown,” and “Dirty Mind.”

I can think of no better way to celebrate him than watching the whole thing.

The Flaming Lips Cover David Bowie’s Space Oddity

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Tributes continue to pour out for David Bowie after his passing in January. The latest, and one of the most touching, comes courtesy of The Flaming Lips, whose cover of “Space Oddity” shows up in this new video, a couple of weeks after the band played “Life on Mars?” at a pair of tribute concerts to Bowie in New York….enjoy.

Elvis Costello Channels Bobby Womack’s Soul

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The soundtrack to HBO’s Vinyl often features artists of today covering the artists of the ’70s, but it’s fun when it involves one artist who was active in the ’70s covering another ’70s artist. That’s what’s happening with this song: Seen-it-all Elvis Costello taking on “Point Of No Return,” a 1972 song from Bobby Womack, the soul-music great who we lost in 2014….enjoy.

The Sound of Young Scotland

•March 30, 2016 • Leave a Comment

Relive those heady times with ‘The Big Gold Dream – Scottish Post Punk and Infiltrating The Mainstream’. The story of Fast Product and Postcard Records – Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, Fire Engines, Scars, The Human League, Josef K and Scottish Post Punk…magic!

The History of Rock and Roll Told in an Incredibly Clever Way

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Using a Facebook News Feed of sorts, Ithaca Audio breaks down the history of rock and roll in 15 minutes using 384 rock stars, 84 guitarists, 64 songs, and 44 drummers in one crazy and totally awesome mashed up song. The Facebook timeline bit is cute but what’s really cool is how the songs blend together and into each other to show us how the sound of rock and roll has changed and stayed the same.

Last Call For The Most Interesting Man In The World

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Oh no, last call for the ‘Most Interesting Man In The World.’ He Raises His Glass For Last Time.

The newest ad for Dos Equis shows him taking off in a spaceship on a one-way trip to Mars. Executives from Heineken USA, which owns Dos Equis, said that the ad campaign will continue with a new actor…..he will be hard to replace methinks.

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